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August 25 - Oct 1

Exhibition: Vicki, with an i, organized by Michelle Grabner

September 21

Formations presents Steve Nelson-Raney & Binder-Mollerskov-Schlei-Westfahl

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September 22

aCinema: // In Silence Arrives the Tempest // Waiting on Paradise //

September 23 -23

Reception: Vicki with an i, organized by Michelle Grabner

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September 28

Poetry Reading: Stacy Blint, Rebecca Eland & Mark Tardi

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September 30

100 Thousand Poets for Change MKE

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October 5

Poetry Reading: Feliz Lucia Molina

October 11

Exhibition: Jen Bervin, Tactile Lanuguage

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October 12

Offsite Event: Justice for All: Selected Writings of Lloyd A. Barbee

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October 13

Poetry Reading: Caitlin Scarano, Paula Carter & Freesia McKee

October 22

Alternating Currents Live: Tom Rainey & Devin Drobka Percussion Duo

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October 26

Urban Echo Poets

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November 3

Join us on Friday, November 3rd for our 37th Annual Anniversary Gala!


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November 8

Poetry Reading: Matt Cook

Archived readings & workshops
Oct 13 Thursday, October 13
7:00pm, FREE


Join us to celebrate the publication of Lewis Freedman's Residual Synonyms for the Name of God & Steve Timm's This's That


Lewis Freedman is the author of the Residual Synonyms for the Name of God (Ugly Duckling Presse), as well as several experiments on the form of the book including Hold the Blue Orb, Baby (Well-Greased Press). His poems have appeared in many periodicals including Jubilat, Epiphany, Catch-Up, Try, P-Queue, and 6x6. He recently moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma.




Steve Timm is the author of, most recently, This’s That (There Press, 2016), Un storia (BlazeVOX Books, 2010) and Disparity(BlazeVOX Books, 2006). He recently completed Rule of Composition, a 100-poem, 10-cycle "ekphrasis" of the Cecil Tayor Feel Trio's 2 Ts for a Lovely T, and is at work on a new book called Jimi's Knees. He lives in Madison and teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



—Lewis Freedman


7 “Tellurian (Pertaining to Earth or its Inhabitants)”

It wore almost jaunuary dense conjugance

  knecked cogn spituitance

                             thy rage at the yondle

                  terrible toggle

                                           can’t you grayen it

                                                                        sprell mangic woo nay

  whenday my forenst’ll come

                                             terreefic long blandish in a eye

              soot of hair rude of crud measure

                             xenitor of stom’ sanit

                                 those hows that a comefro ya for

      i’n’ say no more namorals

              stare-cussed neckercreant


                                                          tear bed the biggity offa

                               areful ammerèd sarkler

                                pertnunciate glueyed tefpon holder

              nothing stucks enmored

                                in a twinglin’ of ammooritous rehaveor

we’re whenwhere mot anyname resoundles a drug

                                                                   a meso of sedirement

            shangs all-opped addeth thob of heartsame

      soul blister looster

                                      trone at the fidded with

           like a loin to the cruxtaceans  

                        a liainer of nonsomal rapatsity

                                         a slenderer of soon cantributes

              insome fender offer of iln recrude achile of mean


                          what is it time to then for

                             severalate servercolate corrostomy badge on a gourney

                egglipped shine sheing might my way perhance

            sopeternal whattings shebat-beshat

                                                      qualmsirilegious ove you

                           that’s a vidgeon for of off a you at lascount

              sile your ageric is a voluture orbit ta ya

                                        viola! wooed’ve thank it

                         yay who in a spandex bottle

                                        wafer all and a proplect a miracle termin’


                                                     i elked to swagger in lollegy

                                                selved a nood abut my neckest


—Steve Timm