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Event Calendar
September 12 - Oct 3

Exhibition: Diana Barrie and Pamela Barrie

September 20

Formations Series for New & Improvised Music

readings & workshops
September 21

Book Release: Alix Anne Shaw and Toby Altman

readings & workshops
September 26

Poetry Reading: Peter Gizzi

readings & workshops
October 3

Poetry Reading: Joshua Beckman

readings & workshops
October 6

Ugly Duckling Presse: 25th Anniversary Celebration

October 6 - Sep 28

Exhibition - Ugly Duckling Presse: 25th Anniversary Celebration

October 7

Alternating Currents Live: Tandem Trio

readings & workshops
October 7

Writing in the Fold: A Bookmaking & Writing Workshop with Matvei Yankelevich

readings & workshops
November 30

Poetry Reading: Anna Vitale and Daniel Owen

film & video
December 14

Film Screening: Riverwest Film & Video by Emir Cakaroz

Oct 7 Sunday, October 7
7:00pm, $6 members | $7 students/seniors | $8 general

ACL presents The TANDEM Trio!

The TANDEM Trio blends many contemporary experimental musical influences including electroacoustic, minimalist, and free improvised music. Working with a large instrumental palette, they play music focused completely on the present moment, with sound and the act of listening constituting the core of their music.

Anouck Genthon is violinist, improviser, and ethnomusicologist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Using the violin in both traditional and extended techniques, her work delves deeply into her own improvised language through sound experience. She participates in many other projects, including Jacques Demierre’s “The languages came first. The country after,” a musical and poetic work where voice and violin draw on the poetic expression of speech and on sung poetry.





Tom Malmendier is a Belgian drummer, self-taught, and from the very beginning interested more in sound than in technique. He is active in the ensembles L'Oeil Kollectif in Liège, Ninglinspo, Nystagmus, and Bobby de Nazareth, and collaborates with pianist Cecile Thévenot and many other musicians in Belgium and France.






Ed Williams is a guitarist, harpsichordist, and composer active in the experimental music scene in Marseille, France. In addition to his various solo projects concentrating on prepared guitar techniques and amplified harpsichord, he has founded or is an active member in AND, Heard of Bears, and Le Grand 8 Ensemble. With these and other projects he has undertaken band and solo tours across Europe.