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  • Hours Tue-Fri 11-8pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm, Closed Mon
Event Calendar
readings & workshops
April 6 - Jun 27

Book Club: Readshops led by Karl Gartung

readings & workshops
July 3 - Jun 30

Dhamma MKE

readings & workshops
October 22 - Jun 24

Welcome Home!: A Veterans Writing Group

readings & workshops
February 2 -23

Three Windows into Writing and Revising a Poem with Kathleen A. Dale

February 11 - Apr 5

Tarot: The (Re)Making of a Language

February 20

Formations Series for New and Improvised Music

readings & workshops
February 26

Poetry Reading: Jennifer Elise Foerster + Zoë Johnson

readings & workshops
February 26

Seeing in Invisibility: Poetry as revelation at UWM Libraries Special Collections

readings & workshops
February 27

Urban Echo Poets

readings & workshops
February 29

Visionary Narratives: A Workshop in Drawing Inspiration with Laurence Ross.

February 29

Reception for Tarot: The (Re)Making of a Language

readings & workshops
March 1 -29

On the Front Lines, Behind the Lines: Writing Protest Poetry with Margaret Rozga.

film & video
March 6

aCinema Screening

readings & workshops
March 12

Creative Confluence: Research for Hybrid Writing, a conversation with Heid E. Erdrich

readings & workshops
March 12

Poetry Reading: Heid E. Erdrich

readings & workshops
March 14

Poetry & Pi(e) featuring Vida Cross + Chuck Stebelton

March 19

Formations Series for New and Improvised Music

readings & workshops
March 20

Poetry Reading: Mark Bibbins + Elizabeth Hoover

readings & workshops
March 26

Poetry Reading: Eli Goldblatt + Charles Alexander

readings & workshops
March 28

Poetry Reading: Tara Betts + Jennifer Steele

Archived special events
Jan 30 January 30 - January 31
7:00pm, $Give What You Can


Join us for Woodland Pattern Book Center’s 22nd Annual Poetry Marathon & Benefit! 


This day-long celebration of poetry and performance in Milwaukee and beyond will take place on Saturday, January 30, 2016. At the end of January, hundreds of poets, writers, and lovers of the arts will set up camp at the book center and indulge in 15 hours of literary revelry. The event will run from 10 AM Saturday morning until 1 AM on Sunday, and will feature 150 poets and writers from Milwaukee and environs. All are welcome to participate, we only ask that each performer raise at least $35 in pledges - though we encourage participants to raise as much as they can! All of the money raised will support Woodland Pattern’s 2016 programming in literature and the arts, including our Lynden Sculpture Garden Writer-in-Residence and our Urban Youth Literary Arts Program.


Click here for a copy of the 2016 Pledge Sheet. 


Click here to learn more about sponsoring an hour of the Marathon.


Registration is open now!


For additional information or to sign up as a performer, call us at 414-263-5001 or stop by the book center at 720 E. Locust Street in Riverwest. 


To underwrite an hour of the Marathon contact Amanda [Ngoho] Reavey at amandar@woodlandpattern.org.


Pledge a reader online!

Reader's Name:

10 AM-11 AM


Takya Polk

Timberley Brown

Sadie Hock







11 AM-12 PM 

KJ Prodigy

Paul Wiegel

Austin Piszczek

Aaron Juno

Angel Vega

Maria Peeples

Ed Wingard

Freesia McKee

Lilo Allen

Nikki Janzen

12 PM-1 PM

Lucy Rosenberg

Maria Elena Scott

Jackie Detloff

Janine Arseneau

Karen Haley

Eloisa Gomez

Nancy Rafal

Doris Bezio

Cary Fellman

Paul McComas & Maya Kuper

1 PM-2 PM

Aaron Lundquist

Nick Ramsey

Nick Demske

Carolyn Vargo

Mary & Bob Stetson

Keith Gaustad

Mike Michaels

Chris Dunbar

Greg Flegel

Candice Nokes

2 PM-3 PM

Cristina Norcross & 

     Susan Huebner

James Roberts

Gail Goepfert

Ruth Bavetta

Martie Ingebretsen

Fred Kreutz

Sharon Foley

Phyllis Wax

Judith Zukerman

3 PM-4 PM

Thea Kovac

Sally Kuzma

Angie Trudell Vasquez

Barbara Wuest

Amanda Ngoho Reavey

Mike Yanny

Earl Jude

Allison Steines

Chris Christie

Robin Christie

4 PM-5 PM

Lenore Lee

JoAnn Chang

Ed Werstein

David Southward

Sheryl Slocum

Helen Padway

John Sierpinski

Sylvia Cavanaugh

Marianne Hart

Marilyn Gielke-Windau

Sue Blaustein


5 PM-6 PM

Martha Kaplan

Ron Czerwin

Dale Ritterbusch

Ken Woodall

Bob Hanson

Harvey Taylor

Suzanne Rosenblatt

Jahmes Finlayson

Sarah Rosenblatt

Ronnie Hess



6 PM-7 PM

E.O. Lipchik

Chris Austin

Steve Anderson

Steve Pump

Peter Goldberg

Susan Firer

Jim Stevens

Rick Ollman

Joel Ottenstein

Tiffany Rommelfanger-Taylor

Dan Godston


7 PM-8 PM

Kimberly Blaeser

Margaret Rozga

Lisa Vihos


Rubén Medina

Wendy Vardaman

Sarah Sadie Busse

Timothy Yu

David Graham

Angela Voras-Hills

8 PM-9 PM

Nikki Wallschlaeger

Mike Hauser

Alix Anne Shaw

John Koethe

Chuck Stebelton

Brenda Cárdenas 

Roberto Harrison

Cathy Cunningham

Karl Gartung

Jacqueline Lalley

9 PM-10 PM

Matt Cook

Tom Erickson

Peter Burzynski

Franklin K.R. Cline

Carmen Murguia

Peter Whalen

Matt Mulder

Bob Koss

Jane Lukic

Michael Wendt

10 PM-11 PM


Tobias Wray

Rachel Kincaid

Soham Patel

Noel Pabillo Mariano

Kara van de Graaf

David Kruger

Elisa Karbin

Timothy Kloss

Sarah Moore

11 PM-12 AM

Portia Cobb

Lee Ferdinand

Neil Gravander

Ben Balcom

Sky Hopinka

Kati Katchever

Grace Mitchell

David Witzling

Janelle VanderKelen

Kelly Kirshtner

12 AM-1 AM

Lindsay Daigle

Zack Pieper


Matthew Nadolny

Caitlin Scarano

Matthew Wamser

Barrett Travis

Carina Gia Farrero

David Engen

Lobo Di Noccento