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Woodland Pattern's Annual Open House

December 19

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December 23 - Jan 1


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26th Annual Poetry Marathon and Benefit

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Jun 16 Thursday, June 16
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Michael Bettine - solo percussion


Stories We Tell Ourselves

Michael Bettine is a storyteller. He tells stories with percussion. He uses different sounds that will bring up memories, so the stories, are your own stories. The stories you live.


"I had 2 recent experiences that changed my musical perspective. In January, I was the artist in residence at an amazing festival held at a museum in Australia. In February, I presented a site specific performance at the Charles Allis Art Museum. In both of these instances, I related the music I played to the art that surrounded me and I used stories to connect things."


Michael will be presenting music based on these 2 experiences, the music that makes up his latest album, 'Stories We Tell Ourselves.'



Hal Rammel - sound palettes

Matt Turner - cello


Join us in this celebration of two new recordings by the Matt Turner - Hal Rammel Duo: “As On a Pivot of Air” (Penumbra Music 10” vinyl, recorded live at Acme Records & Music Emporium in Milwaukee last year) and “Orchestra of Storms” (an online release from Plus Timbre). 


Matt Turner is regarded as one of the world's leading improvising cellists and has been featured on more than 40 recordings on O.O. Discs, Music and Arts, Accurate, Tautology, Crouton and other labels. He has recorded with Marilyn Crispell, Joseph Jarman, Bill Carrothers, Bill Stewart, Scott Fields, Myra Melford, Jeff Song and others. Turner completed his undergraduate studies at Lawrence University and his Master of Music degree in Third Stream Studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Dave Holland, Geri Allen and Joe Maneri.

Hal Rammel has been designing and building musical instruments since the mid 1970s.  He first developed the amplified palette in 1991 when he performed frequently with cellist Russell Thorne in Chicago.  He has produced many variations on this instrument and recorded with the amplified palette on the solo CDs Midwest Disquiet and Agog.


Cellist Matt Turner and I have been playing together since I first moved to southeastern Wisconsin 20 years ago. The sound of the cello has been integral to my concept of the amplified palette from the instrument’s beginnings in 1991. Matt is one of the most powerful and constantly innovative cellists and improvisers I’ve ever worked with and I’m very proud to have improvised alongside him for all these many years.  

-Hal Rammel