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Virtual Poetry Reading: Mónica de la Torre + José Felipe Alvergue

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April 4

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Virtual Poetry Reading: Marilyn Chin

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Brenda Iijima’s involvements occur at the intersections and mutations of poetry, research movement, animal studies, ecological sociology and submerged histories. She is the author of seven full-length collections of poetry and numerous chapbooks and artist’s books. Her most recent book, Remembering Animals was published by Nightboat Books in 2016. She is also the editor of the eco language reader (Nightboat Books and PP@YYL). She is the editor of Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, located in Brooklyn, NY.





Roberto Harrison is the author of Os (subpress, 2006), Counter Daemons (Litmus Press, 2006), bicycle (Noemi Press, 2015), culebra (Green Lantern Press, 2016), Bridge of the World (Litmus, forthcoming 2017), Yaviza (Atelos, forthcoming 2017), as well as of many chapbooks. He is also a visual artist. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife Brenda Cárdenas.






Soham Patel is the author of two chapbooks from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs: and nevermind the storm (2013) and New Weather Drafts (2016). Her work has been included in Copper Nickel, eleven eleven journal, Denver Quarterly, and various other places. She is a Kundiman fellow and a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee where she also serves as a poetry editor for cream city review.




The now is this prediction—is tensile

a suspended opening in realtime

you can feel the comingling of futurity

gale and guile synchronicity with vectors

bodies—overgrown inner lives, internal predictability

they’ll have water

a glass of water

water—an infinite proposition

to maintain water as gift

the water is a glass agile

clear, held—molecular

the glass cylindrical vessel explodes concentration

one glass of water on a planet of happening

proficiency compels the reckoning

the prompt—

open action seawater

presently in the dense forest of hometown locale

or at a FEMA camp

fluid gestation—seawater

liquid action

open action as in a glass of water

hard to come by

available at the site of disaster

the president finally airlifted some water in

in water days after hurricane

how we watched in suspended animation

water to a disaster of water

inner lives perturbed by water

going through synthesis

seawater glassy, rising




uncover like monsoon uncovers mud but under the rain


the rain the rain I see more than one more than one shiver one


more quake like the congruity of have of fog of a body’s simple


concordance filth from disease   heat on sugar   caramel I will burp


through my teeth burp fumes’ commiseration I will not disguise


in overcoats    end at pull my leg or my finger or any other pirate joke



—Soham Patel, from New Weather Drafts


symbol table

        (for “someone traveling,” “sound of eating,” and, especially, “high in the sky”

        — of the Ojibwa, circa 1870)


read the river

for “high in the sky”

not so long ago. hands left


the chain

to dissolve

each winter. in the turning



a boat wanders through

silently, for one


burning down

a knot

in the clearing, for a bird


an answer

erases. each one

a number left


to its root, the growth

of an infinite

eclipse, like the fern


a face makes

for words, in the train

a heart


a road ends. a twin, for her

morning, in the bloated

corn, in the burning…


her amputation, like a lake

arrives inside

to hear her whisper, the cipher


cuts through her living

in this, the attachment

for the hand to hand


doorway. what state in the eclipse

of its shadow makes

one stand? as a cloud


moves for the horses

of their songs, in the bomb

as it aims through the path


when visiting. each empire

China hidden in reflections, the weather

opens inside the highway of its prehistoric pit,


where the lake region, its language revolving

in the smoke as a circle

makes one arrive for the menial


white stone outside a harvest

of flesh nubs, a secretive

and silent family, without reward


as they are the unknown that starts

a thorn, as the morning

is standing for them in an open hand, they


speak. the underwater cave

determines the paths of a knotted interior

in a fall for choosing, lightning


does not remove the veil, behind the language

a river threatens for its music –

future wood in a soundless word.


then, it was the bicycle/ the commerce

of its kind in a radio permeation

as the leather makes one in its ocean see


the operator, the climbing

canoe where they arrive, the shore wind

stringing kingfishers


as they are a visitor, not one to receive

in the atrophy, the flag sound

as it is perfectly round


speaking – in a thatch, they were the signal

to understand. to return

their ground for the gun, as the differences between


the white and feverish park

and the winter in its cake

will not charge you, will not enter


its elaborate front. the spinning

in Panamá, their ghostly bus

will stand inside the arrival


as they become you, the sand

in its first word

ghetto plants in winter


on the run, the three are silent

with a visitation

trembling, invested, and the light


to wear one for the torso as it packages

the allure of your housing

with another plane to fill this, in the seat


of your miniscule cadaver, the dogs are

what any chain is shiny for

you, in the shelter under ropes


their vast landscape in the spoken

to the air far with flowers, a harpy eagle

swoops to the sloth as you wear


the matrimony and the only servant

filled with each starving donation, the poor

will become your iron – not what puts a hand


to your face. a fall for your region, the paper

makes families reside, with food, and a dog

in the aftermath as you speak


to wear the oil, the Alaskan terminal determined

the wild with its alarm, the on and off

reprisal believes you, what you speak to allow


a complete knowledge of interruption, the road

beaming for you to deliver the promise

as one stands for the flesh because / a human does not allow


or falling for the recent drone / you leak for color

in the spider web’s communiqué

it serves you as it is a word to belong / as one is not


as the speaking arrives to your western

with a relative, in the midnight

and each table does not attend to the vast dotted theft


you see. it is one to the root of your time with a pyramid

it is not there to it

it sees you as country, not a ring in the flight


of its standing for the glass

it is a tall mirror side of its house

it is one with time as it is a face


to not allow it. not one of a human affirmation

it does not let you one with the hand as it is nothing but a door

the promise is not a single plane


to the river it sees one out

it speaks as one is a tunnel

in air of it arriving with one to become / not one


—Roberto Harrison