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  • Hours Tue-Fri 11-8pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm, Closed Mon
Event Calendar
readings & workshops
April 10

Virtual Poetry Reading: Marilyn Chin

film & video
April 17

Virtual Film Screening: The Collection

readings & workshops
April 19 - May 10

Intergenerational Self-Collaboration: A Multi-Arts Workshop with Paul McComas

readings & workshops
April 24

Virtual Poetry Reading: Krystal Languell + Jennifer Nelson + Ae Hee Lee

film & video
April 25

Virtual Film Screening: Immortal Cupboard: In Search of Lorine Niedecker 

readings & workshops
April 29

Virtual Poetry Reading: Raquel Salas Rivera + Lara Mimosa Montes

Archived special events
Jan 27 January 27 - January 28
7:00pm, $Give What You Can

It’s time once again for our day-long celebration of poetry and performance in Milwaukee and beyond. Join the hundreds of poets, writers, and lovers of the arts who set up camp at the book center and indulge in 15 hours of literary revelry. The Poetry Marathon is a community fundraiser where readers find sponsors to pledge a minimum total of $35 on their behalf. All of the money raised supports Woodland Pattern’s 2018 programming in literature and the arts.

Reader registration opens on Friday, November 17th at 11 AM!!


Pledge a Reader!

Reader's Name:


To pledge a particular reader, please use the PayPal button above, call WP at 414-263-5001, or give cash or a check directly to the reader. 


There are many poets for whom the cost of reading in the marathon may be prohibitive. If you’d like to help these readers, consider a “pledge a reader” donation. Money received through these donations will go directly to a poet who is unable to meet the $35 minimum pledge goal. You support Woodland Pattern AND a local artist - win-win!

More Details

2018 Pledge Form


For additional information or to sign up as a reader, call us at 414-263-5001 or stop by the book center at 720 E. Locust Street in Riverwest.


To underwrite an hour of the Marathon contact Michael Wendt at michaelw@woodlandpattern.org.

10 AM - 11 AM
Codack Robinson

Dreamy Robinson
Timothy Haspel

Niles Janzen

Takya Polk
Kyiah Neal
Maria Pijerina
Diamond Marshal
Damillion Bell
Jendora Kelley

11AM - 12 PM
Sue Blaustein

Portia Cobb
Peter Whalen
Paula Schulz
Margaret Rozga
Autumn Green
Yasmine Whitelow
Braniyah Hannah
Yerusha Perez
Eloisa Gomez

12 PM - 1 PM
Mike Michaels
Greg Flegel
Lenore Lee
Anne Bales
Jaimee Hills
Lolly Rzezotarski
Susan McCabe
Meghan Stark
Virginia Small
Terimarie Degree
Patricia Carney

1 PM - 2 PM
Ronnie Hess
Janet Saenz
Mary Croy
Ruth Lopez Najera
Kyane Howland
James Roberts
Bill Murtaugh
Liane Kapelke-Dale

2 PM- 3 PM
Carolyn Vargo
Bob Hanson
Molly Snyder
Denise Lubotsky
Bryon Cherry
Katharina Hren
Jennifer Hoepner
Royal Brevvaxling
Monica Thomas
Nick Ramsey

3 PM - 4 PM
Sylvia Cavanaugh
Kim Parsons
Katy Phillips
John Sierpinski
Ed Werstein
David Southward
Fred Kreutz
Marilyn Zelke-Windau
Mark Zimmermann
Janet Lahey

4 PM - 5 PM
Matt Armbrust
Tom Erickson
Ken Woodall
Harvey & Susie Taylor
Michael Yanny
Janine Arseneau
Heddy Keith
Suzanne Rosenblatt
Laura Solomon
Jenny Gropp

5 PM- 6 PM
Mary Lux
Paul Enea
Chris Austin
Steve Pump
Nancy Rafal
Cary Fellman
Kimberly Blanchette
Karen Haley
Keith Gaustad
Paul McComas &
     Cortney Blake

6 PM - 7 PM
Susan Firer
Joel Ottenstein
Barbara Wuest
Sally Kuzma
Stephen Anderson
John Koethe
Brenda Cárdenas
Roberto Harrison
Franklin K.R. Cline
Angela Voras-Hills
Carmen A. Murguia

7 PM - 8 PM
Peter Goldberg
Rick Ollman
Martha Kaplan
Chuck Stebelton
Cathy Cunningham
Amanda Ngoho Reavey
Alix Anne Shaw
Mike Hauser
Stacy Blint
Kimberly Blaeser
Jacqueline Lalley

8 PM - 9 PM
Peter Burzynski
Karl Gartung
Vince Bushell
Amanda Von Donger
Sam Pekarske
Joshua Lickteig
Ranee Zaporski
Ellen C. Warren
Aaron Zekske

9 PM - 10 PM
Nick Demske
Dan Godston
Matt Mulder
Jennifer Karmin
Sara Goodman
Patrick Branum
Marcy Rae Henry
Andrew Cantrell
Blake Nemec

10 PM - 11 PM
UWM Film Dept. Hour
Connor Erickson
Marika Holbus
Morgan Jackson
Emily Priddy
Alex Eis
Ryan Sablay
Britany Gunderson
Hugo Ljungbäck

11 PM - 12 AM
Freddy La Force
Bob Druker
Kavon Jones
Matthew Nadolny
Ryan Schaufler

12 AM - 1 AM
Tom HIbbard
Michael Wendt