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Event Calendar
readings & workshops
April 6 - Jun 27

Book Club: Readshops led by Karl Gartung

October 5 - Nov 24

Chain of Events: Tyanna Buie

readings & workshops
October 22 - Dec 31

Welcome Home!: A Veterans Writing Group

readings & workshops
October 23

Reading and Book Launch: Kathie Giorgio

readings & workshops
October 24

Urban Echo Poets

readings & workshops
October 27


readings & workshops
October 30

Undocumented: Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice

readings & workshops
November 1

Reading and Screening: Trisha Low, Stephanie Young, and Zachary Epcar

film & video
November 3

It’s an Interlace: Five Videos by Barbara Hammer

readings & workshops
November 10 - Dec 8

Shifty Subjects and Unexpected Endings

November 10

Alternating Currents Live presents: The Transatlantic Bridge #2.2

special events
November 16

39th Anniversary Gala

November 17

Alternating Currents Live presents: Ernest Dawkins’ Boglifier Project

readings & workshops
November 21

Poetry Reading: Kimberly Blaeser & William Stobb

November 28


Archived film & video
Jan 24 Wednesday, January 24

(from Untitled (Broniouw Song) (2011) Alicja Rogalska)

Program includes:

After The Empire (2008) // Elodie Pong 
13 min 50 sec // HD Video

Zurich-based video artist Elodie Pong is known for her subtle, analytic works focusing on how human relationships and cultural conventions impact contemporary society. In 'After the Empire', Pong orchestrates face-to-face conversations between various late icons of popular culture and political history, including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Batman, and Karl Marx. Surrounded by a post-apocalyptic set, the actors embody their character’s individual and symbolic extremes, longings, and ideals in simultaneously humorous and elegiac ways.

Untitled (Broniouw Song) (2011) // Alicja Rogalska
4 min 47 sec // HD Video

A contemporary folk-song on the socio-economic situation of the rural area of Masovia, Poland, known for rich folk music traditions and the highest unemployment in the country. The song, written in collaboration with villagers and the folk singing group Broniowianki, was presented locally in a series of performances and documented on video, contrasting ethnographic representation (the image) with the peopleʼs own view of their situation (the lyrics). The tune was appropriated from a local love song. Commissioned by Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw for Cut project.

The Idea of North (1995) // Rebecca Baron
14 min 30 sec // 16mm to video

In the guise of chronicling the final moments of three polar explorers marooned on an ice floe a century ago, Baron’s film investigates the limitations of images and other forms of record as a means of knowing the past and the paradoxical interplay of film time, historical time, real time and the fixed moment of the photograph. Marrying matter-of-fact voiceover and allusive sound fragments, evidence and illustration, in Baron’s words, “meaning is set adrift”.
— New York Film Festival, 1997, “Views from the Avant-Garde” program notes

Masanao Abe - Cloudgraphy (2015) // Helmut Völter
5 min // video

In 1927, the Japanese physicist Masanao Abe built an observatory with a view of Mount Fuji. From it, over the course of fifteen years, he recorded the clouds that sourrounded the mountain. He was interested in the scientific question of how the air currents around Fuji could be visualized by means of film and photography. 

Apollo Six (2015) // Laura Heit
8 min 14 sec // Hand drawn and stop motion animation, live action footage

A glimpse of earth at a turbulent time from the window of an unmanned spacecraft.

Apollo Six launched in 1968 and immediately experienced bad vibrations causing it to burn its engines and fall into a strange orbit. Its command service module survived and landed 10 hours after its launch, 43 miles off target in the waters off Hawaii.
Hand drawn and cut out animation, live action footage.

Music: Dots and Lines. Composition by Jordan Dykstra, performed by the Jordan Dykstra Large Ensemble

(for all this info and more www.acinema.space/current-program)