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Book Club: Readshops led by Karl Gartung

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Dhamma MKE

August 1 - Sep 26

The Point Being: Works by Thomas Gaudynski

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September 5

Br!NK New Play Festival

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September 6

aCinema presents Aurora Picture Show’s Extremely Shorts Touring Program

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September 7

Poetry Reading: Ana Božičević & Annie Grizzle

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September 7

Poems are a River: Writing Built and Natural Form - a workshop with Ana Božičević

September 11

Thomas Gaudynski, Linda Binder, and Mark Mantel performing in response to The Point Being

September 14

AVIARY: Selected Paintings by Ken Wood - Book Release and Reception

September 15

Alternating Currents Live presents Silvia Bolognesi and Russ Johnson

September 19

Formations Series for New and Improvised Music

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September 20

Poetry Reading: John Sierpinski, Sylvia Cavanaugh, and Ed Werstein

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Dec 5 Friday, December 5
7:00pm, $Give What You Can


LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs is the author of TwERK (Belladonna* 2013). She has been published widely and her performance work has been featured at The Kitchen, Exit Art, Brooklyn Museum, The Whitney, MoMa and The Walker Center. As a curator/director, she has staged events at El Museo del Barrio, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Symphony Space and BAM Café. Diggs and Greg Tate are the founders and editors of Coon Bidness, yoYo and SO4.




          …the artist is born of Trinidadian-Canadian parents

          …based in Miami, the artist

          …the artist of Irish and Cherokee ancestry

          …her work oscillates between the illusionary potential of performance

          …was born and raised in Brooklyn

          …the artist is of Diné and African descent

          …artist, vocalist, curator, publisher, playwright, actor…

          …the artist's works touch on seemingly disparate histories

          …is the socio-political Marxist artist that coined the term “post black” in conceptual art.

          …his delectably abject work is a tactile, layered, somatic and multilingual re-telling…

          …born in Port au Prince, Haiti, the artist

          …her work investigates the Afri-sci-fi narrative in the black transgendered body

          …he is a Chicano artist

          …explores identity and conformity by photographing himself…

          …is originally from White Cone, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation.

          …is represented by Sikkema; Jenkins and Co.

          …her work, rooted in her Mid-Western upbringing as a Korean adoptee

          …the artist is a registered tribal member of the Shawnee

          …crafting post post-colonial iconographies in Peruvian pottery 

          …he examines his Ugandan roots

          …has exhibited in Morocco, South Africa, Pittsburg, Berlin, Tate Modern…

          …she lives and works in Bogota, Colombia

          … is Chippewa of the Deer Clan and born for the Mexican Clan.

          …she explores displacement and identity in culturally specific markers

          …was born in Ghana in 1971 and grew up in Nashville

          …probing the physical weight of sculpture and Dominican carnival masks…

          …uses the study of ethnological objects, popular icons, and the Dadaist tradition to  

          explore cultural and creative syncretism, art history, and politics.




        trail mix


               However, any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted                and construed as an action against an unborn child.

               State Senator Constance Johnson of Oklahoma on the Every Sperm is Sacred Amendment to Personhood Bill

               They’re all fruit.

               State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio on the Viagra Bill

         tilth is a womb. craven is the banana lost at sea. it

         needs jesus like all heathens do. wasted corn kernels, the shame! is

         what spilt not life? into the spume semen dies. all

         alive wading. all normal. dead. abnormal. wading.  about

         40 million each jack. stumpy dates, copious eggplants lacking the

         guidance of anal governments. American sperm needs our love!

         there’s a crisis and the strapping Norse is winning. and

         thahn long seed is more exotic than Bronzeville peanuts making

         double penetration pop on ghetto-tube. globules of little tails sure

         to be tarnished. fertile lubes: Viagra, turkey baster fatalities. we

         cherish our melon busboys and mulberry janitors. look

         towards Brazil for a sign: passion fruits shaped like man’s sex. out-

         law the neglect of apples. outlaw the abuse of pumpkins. against, not for

         the test tubes. god gets quite irate over dried up grapes. men’s

         spurned daggers bound for banks. drunk fruit flies crave, bemoan sexual   

         healing from hand. or mouth. seamen think little of the nation’s health.