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Project Cozy an art workshop with Anika Kowalik!

"In my own practice, I focus on creating imagined spaces with objects that recall nostalgia from black life. The term “black joy” comes to mind when I am creating these objects. Within a space, my objects invite the traumatized to enter a space where they can take refuge, decompress and be their most authentic selves. I want to invite you all in creating your own object that that brings you joy, safety and comfort followed by a simple dialogue that addresses what your object means to you."

Materials will be provided for you but if you have a specific material of your own that you’d like to use feel free to bring it into the workshop. (please keep it object based- no aerosols)

The proceeds from this workshop will be split between Woodland Pattern and the artist - thank you for your support!

You can purchase your ticket here, give us a call, or stop in!



About the artist:

Anika Kowalik was born and raised out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While growing up, Kowalik had the experience of living in many neighborhoods in Milwaukee, exposing them to the unique way that racism historically has shaped the city today. After attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for their BFA in printmaking ‘17; Kowalik would utilize the language of printmaking and expand outside of its traditional two dimensional form. They use their  personal experiences as a young black femme to explore the depths of generational and systematic oppression to create works that record their own history. As a person who is apart of a marginalized group, it is vital to unpack the truth through many facets of documentation. Kowalik finds it easier to communicate these personal experiences through materiality, expanding beyond the physical body we commonly search for and traditional forms of expression.