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Event Calendar
readings & workshops
April 10

Virtual Poetry Reading: Marilyn Chin

film & video
April 17

Virtual Film Screening: The Collection

readings & workshops
April 19 - May 10

Intergenerational Self-Collaboration: A Multi-Arts Workshop with Paul McComas

readings & workshops
April 24

Virtual Poetry Reading: Krystal Languell + Jennifer Nelson + Ae Hee Lee

film & video
April 25

Virtual Film Screening: Immortal Cupboard: In Search of Lorine Niedecker 

readings & workshops
April 29

Virtual Poetry Reading: Raquel Salas Rivera + Lara Mimosa Montes

Archived special events
Jan 26 January 26 - January 27
7:00pm, $Give What You Can

It’s time once again for our day-long celebration of poetry and performance in Milwaukee and beyond. Join the hundreds of poets, writers, and lovers of the arts who set up camp at the book center and indulge in fifteen hours of literary revelry.


The Poetry Marathon is a community fundraiser where readers find sponsors to pledge a minimum total of $35 on their behalf. This year, the fifteen readers who raise the most in pledges will receive special prizes! All of the money raised supports Woodland Pattern’s 2019 programming in literature and the arts. 


This year's Marathon will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary (!) of what has become an important cultural tradition not only for Woodland Pattern but for Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood and for writers from around the Great Lakes region.


Reader registration is open! 


How to sign up as a reader: For additional information or to sign up as a reader, call us at 414-263-5001 or stop by the book center at 720 E. Locust Street in Riverwest. Deadline for reader sign-up is Friday, January 19th.


Underwriting Opportunities: Each hour of the marathon is matched by a major sponsor. Please contribute as a sponsor! To underwrite an hour of the Marathon, contact Programming Director Michael Wendt at michaelw@woodlandpattern.org, or call the center’s main line.


Sponsor a reader: If you’d like to help readers raise funds, consider a “Pledge a Reader” donation. Money received through these donations will go directly to a poet who is unable to meet the $35 minimum pledge goal. This is a great way to support Woodland Pattern AND a local artist—win-win!


Pledge a reader online here:

Reader's Name:


10 AM-11 AM
sponsored by
Colectivo Coffee

Jenny Benjamin
Diane Bezella
Greg Flegel
Renee Glembin
Debra Hall
Nikki Janzen
Rachel Messenger
Austin Reece
Silence Merry Roads

11 AM-12 PM
sponsored by
Janine Arseneau &
Scardina Specialties

Janine Arseneau
Peter Blewett
Peyton Covey
Terimarie Degree
Eloisa Gomez
Karen Haley
Barbara Leigh
Mike Michaels
Dan O'Keefe
Janet Saenz

12 PM-1 PM
Youth Hour
sponsored by
Mary Gute Witte &
Outpost Natural Foods

Leslie Boyd
Tim Haspel
Angelique Gonzales
Niles Janzen
Kailon McGhee
Iman Patterson
Allenton Riley
Miles Terry
Joyce Washington

1 PM-2 PM
sponsored by
Juneau Park Friends/
Poetry in the Park

Peter Burzynski
Lindsay Daigle
Ron Fintak
Destinny Fletcher
Elisabeth Gasparka
Richard Meier
Mikey Swanberg
Kenyatta Turner
Angela Voras-Hills

2 PM-3 PM
sponsored by
Kathie Giorgio

Doug Armstrong
Thomas Erickson
Bob Hanson 
Lenore Lee
Susan McCabe
James Roberts
Darlene Rzezotarski
Carolyn Vargo
Lisa Vihos                                  

3 PM-4 PM
sponsored by
Wisconsin Fellowship
of Poets

Kimberly Blanchette
Sylvia Cavanaugh
Ron Czerwein
Ronnie Hess
Maryann Hurtt
Fred Kreutz
Nancy Rafal
Sheryl Slocum
David Southward
Ed Werstein

4 PM-5 PM
sponsored by
Wisconsin Poet
Laureate Commission

Kimberly Blaeser
Cathryn Cofell-Mutschler
Nick Demske
Bruce Dethlefsen 
Karla Huston 
Margaret Rozga
Marilyn Taylor 
Angie Trudell-Vasquez
Mark Zimmermann

5 PM-6 PM
sponsored by
Pizza Shuttle & 

Esteban Colon
Stephen Kalmar
Nick Ramsey
Carly Anne Ravnikar
Suzanne Rosenblatt
Ryan Schaufler
Craig Stone
Harvey Taylor & 
      Susie Krause
Ken Woodall
Michael Yanny

6 PM-7 PM
sponsored by
Karen Campbell &
Riverwest Realty

Steve Anderson
Cary Fellman
Susan Firer
Monroe Lerner
Elliot Lipchik
Rick Ollman
Nathan J. Reid
Sarah Rosenblatt
Barbara Wuest

7 PM-8 PM
sponsored by
Anne Kingsbury &
Karl Gartung

Stacy Blint
Brenda Cárdenas
Cathy Cunningham
Karl Gartung
Roberto Harrison
Mike Hauser
James Houck
Martha Kaplan
John Koethe
Chuck Stebelton

8 PM-9 PM
sponsored by 
Riverwest Currents

Vince Bushell
Denise Dooley
Keith Gaustad
Dan Godston
Marcy Rae Henry
Susan Hunnicutt
Jennifer Karmin
Blake Nemec
Amanda Van Dongen
Aaron Zeleske

9 PM-10 PM
Queer Hour
sponsored by 
Bliffert Lumber & 

SunShine Ramel Crayton
Kaz Gargano
David Kruger
Faith LeMay
Siwar Masannat
Jenni Moody
Jessie Roy
Connor Scruton
Beatrice Szymkowiak
Nicole Taylor

10 PM-11 PM
UWM Film Department Hour
sponsored by

Company Brewing

Nat Repinski
Donovan Katarincic
Andrea Riley
Idsonil Alvarez
Rocky Karri
Austin Spang
Vince Tym 
Christian Aspengren
Cal Owen 
Caleb Peavy 

11 PM-12 AM
sponsored by 
The Jazz Estate

Patricia Carney
Bryon Cherry
RS Deeren
Mary Lux
Carmen Murguia
Ridire Quinn
Alix Anne Shaw
Wendy Welch


12 AM-1 AM
sponsored by

Mobile Car Care

Scott Beebe
Franklin K.R. Cline
Benjamin Gray
Nicholas Gruber
Tom Hibbard
Rachel Lapow
Ed Makowski
C L Nehmer
Sam Pekarske
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