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March 18 - Apr 3

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April 4

Virtual Poetry Reading: Mónica de la Torre + José Felipe Alvergue

readings & workshops
April 4

Virtual Workshop with Mónica de la Torre

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April 10

Virtual Poetry Reading: Marilyn Chin

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April 17

Virtual Film Screening: The Collection

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April 19 - May 10

Intergenerational Self-Collaboration: A Multi-Arts Workshop with Paul McComas

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Dec 5 Thursday, December 5
1:00pm, $100 General | $90 Member

Join us for a reading with Bryon Cherry, Sam Pekarske, Bethany Price, and Kelly Sexton!

We’re celebrating Bryon’s new poetry collections: Funeral Journey (The Quail Press) and Ruins, Ruminations, and Rituals (Anarcho Welfare), both published earlier this year.

Bryon Cherry is a poet, musician and shaman. Bryon Cherry exists outside of time so he can precipitate often broken reflections. Bryon Cherry has been published in Return to the Place of the Gathering Waters published by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. Bryon Cherry is the author of a chapbook Funeral Journey (The Quail Press) and a full-length Ruins, Ruminations, and Rituals (Anarcho Welfare) both published in 2019. Bryon Cherry dwells in Milwaukee, WI. 

Sam Pekarske was born / razed in Milwaukee and won’t shut up about it. Tends to a small graveyard of musical instruments and pours booze in cups and runs a few reading series on the side. Wrote Alms for the Bored (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2018) and knows a lot about office furniture. No MFA, no PhD, no gods, no masters, xoxo.   

Bethany Price is a poet, stylist and creative director based in Milwaukee. Her published works are all I wanna do through pity milk press, Terror through Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, and most recently, Unicorn, Burning through Peapeachu Press. She curates a fashion photography series called Plush Decay, and she is a member of the collective Truu Art. Her narration work and poetry has been featured in the short films of Elena Velez and Martin Kaszubowski.

Kelly Sexton is a graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University (Boulder, CO) and the owner of The Quail Press. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Anarcho Welfare Press out of Madison, WI. Sexton has two books, Vodka-Mountain and dmptftbihwib, available on Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. She is the former poetry editor for Bombay Gin and has been published in Species, Tendril, Touchstone, and other journals and zines.