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March 6 - Jun 12

Dhamma MKE, a breath-based meditation circle

readings & workshops
April 6 - Jun 29

Book Club: Readshops led by Karl Gartung

May 9 - Jun 12

There Again, the Disappearance: Maria Gaspar, Vaughan Larsen, Valaria Tatera 

May 26

Alternating Currents Live presents: Urs Leimgruber - Jim Baker Duo

readings & workshops
May 26

Workshop: Papermaking with George Jones - Session 2

readings & workshops
May 31

Workshop: Poetry Is the Question with Emily Kendal Frey

readings & workshops
June 1

Workshop: Poetry Is the Question with Emily Kendal Frey

readings & workshops
June 2

Workshop: Poetry Is the Question with Emily Kendal Frey

readings & workshops
June 6

Poetry Reading: Kathie Giorgio, Cristina M. R. Norcross, Lisa Marie Brodsky

June 20

Formations Series for New & Improvised Music

Tom Raworth

Tom Raworth's Collected Poems (Carcanet, 2003) was acclaimed by the Times Literary Supplement as a milestone: thirty years' work by a major poet of English modernism gathered for the first time. With Windmills in Flames: Old and New Poems(Carcanet, 2010) Raworth moves on, radical, inventive and politically engaged. Windmills takes a vertiginous ride through the language landscape we inhabit. Poems fragment and distort, veer in unexpected directions, reconfigure. Playful, often funny, Windmills in Flames is fueled by anger at the use of language as an instrument of political deceit and military aggression. 

"The poems have no purpose, though their author is happy should others find them interesting to read. This book collects some early works missing from the Collected Poems (2003). The rest were written since then. They will help the reader lose weight, have an attractive smile, be at ease with members of the opposite (or their own) sex, have relief from constipation, speak in tongues, fillet herrings and ultimately boost the Nation's economy."
                          - Tom Raworth

Selected Poems

Close The Loop On This

Tom Raworth


not enough boots on the ground
to square the circle
it's a paradigm shift
we need to get our heads around

we need to analyze
a perfect storm
put lipstick on this pig
at the end of the day

put a stake in the ground
of our core competency
hope is not a strategy
to move the needle

this time it's different
because the next big thing
is the elephant in the room
comparing apples to apples 


Tom Raworth


all skeleton images are happy
hypocritical man of flesh
tree completes
recognised music laughter
where your horse is
every two minutes
with alert
quick or still
memory on abuse
dead interactive receivers
i don't forget
your hairbrush sunlit
in amhurst road
carbon to diamond
graphite to pencil
utterly beautiful 

Rivers of Bling

he entered wearing his beautiful white robe
highlights of which he had previously laid out for me
on the horizon for a while
old in unusual places

it was well-known that the shaykh enjoyed
a specific type of 'kraft' cheese
searching through a flash memory card
until that pale face emerged for real

for Jim Nisbet 

Once and For All

creationists don't believe we evolve
not comforting we become the same
nobody will want that lucien
it's not a bit glamorous
and he just laughed

a tennis of texts to make
email irrelevant
oh dear says the pixel
i know now how ink felt

i seems
to remember
rotating ninja-bowl
rolls across flame
dated elements hold it back