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Small Press

Poetry Chapbook 

Monster House Press, 2014 



Using the Jordan River in Bloomington, Indiana as a spine / guide, River forms a small map of local/personal & collective/historical erasure. Ross Gay & Richard Wehrenberg, Jr.’s stories of the rivers from their lives create interstices of illumination in the space somewhere between remembering and forgetting. Featuring hand-drawn maps & a deconstructive history of the Jordan River & early president of Indiana University David Starr Jordan, for whom the river is named, this brief, multifaceted collection pulsates with the question how do we begin to remember what was effaced? and digs at the tradition of curated forgetting in the capital-genuflecting epoch in which we are currently embedded.


"This chapbook by Ross Gay and Richard Wehrenberg defies categorization. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it. It is part poetry, part essays, part sketchbook, part atlas, part pure reflection, pure collaboration, seamlessly weaving, in a fun but serious way, a million years of history together through these two authors’ minds... The book itself seems like a meditation on preservation, mutalism, and temperance.”

—Andrew Duncan Worthington