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  • Hours Tue-Fri 11-8pm | Sat-Sun 12-5pm | Closed Mon
  • Hours Tue-Fri 11-8pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm, Closed Mon
Event Calendar
November 28 - Jan 31

Vanessa German: Defiant Show of Unity

December 13

Performance & Opening Reception: Vanessa German

film & video
December 14

Film Screening: Riverwest Film & Video by Emir Cakaroz

December 20

Formations Series for New & Improvised Music

readings & workshops
December 22

Community Reading: Midwinter Day

readings & workshops
January 6

Workshop: Verbs as Images/Images as Verbs

special events
January 26 -27

25th Annual Poetry Marathon & Benefit

special events
Jan 26 January 26 - January 27
10:00am, $10 | FREE for those who pledge a reader for $35 or more

It’s time once again for our day-long celebration of poetry and performance in Milwaukee and beyond. Join the hundreds of poets, writers, and lovers of the arts who set up camp at the book center and indulge in 15 hours of literary revelry. The Poetry Marathon is a community fundraiser where readers find sponsors to pledge a minimum total of $35 on their behalf. All of the money raised supports Woodland Pattern’s 2019 programming in literature and the arts.


Reader registration is open!


For additional information or to sign up as a reader, call us at 414-263-5001 or stop by the book center at 720 E. Locust Street in Riverwest.


Pledge a reader online here:

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10 AM-11 AM








11 AM-12 PM








12 PM-1 PM








1 PM-2 PM








2 PM-3 PM

Bob Hanson                    







3 PM-4 PM
sponsored by
Wisconsin Fellowship
of Poets

Kimberly Blanchette
Sylvia Cavanaugh
Ron Czerwein
Ronnie Hess
Maryann Hurtt
Fred Kreutz
Kim Parsons
Nancy Rafal
Sheryl Slocum
Ed Werstein

4 PM-5 PM
sponsored by
Wisconsin Poet
Laureate Commission







5 PM-6 PM

Michael Yanny







6 PM-7 PM

Steve Anderson
Elliot Lipchik
Susan Firer






7 PM-8 PM

James Houck
Martha Kaplan
Stacy Blint
Mike Hauser




8 PM-9 PM








9 PM-10 PM








10 PM-11 PM
UWM Film Department Hour











11 PM-12 AM











12 AM-1 AM