Oct 17 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


$100 ($90 Members of WP)

Applied Hauntology for Writers: A Workshop with Rachel Kincaid *ONLINE*

Drawing on concepts laid out in work on hauntology like that of Avery Gordon and Mark Fisher, this workshop will prompt writing that makes space for the past to become visible in the present. We will explore the recurring themes and narratives that insist on making themselves repeatedly known in our communities and our lives, and experiment with repetition as a method of engagement with the persistence of our individual and collective pasts in both form and content. Participants will leave the workshop with surprising new writing and a new relationship with the stories and beliefs that haunt them, benevolently or not.

Rachel Kincaid is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor with over ten years in digital media as well as an MFA and workshop background. She believes in combining an open and enthusiastic approach to vision with a rigorous approach to craft and valuing process over product; she'd like everyone to walk away from working with her with a more sustainable and fulfilling writing practice, though if they have a stronger draft, that's great too. Rachel has been published in Threepenny Review; Waxwing; Paper Darts; the Georgia Review; and Forklift, Ohio; her nonfiction and journalism have been published in Nylon, Autostraddle, Jezebel, and more. She's taught at Western Michigan University, University of Milwaukee–Wisconsin, and The Loft, and appeared on panels and in traveling workshop offerings throughout the US.


A limited number of scholarships are available. Writers who are low-income and/or of marginalized identities are particularly encouraged to apply.



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