Apr 12 2022


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Open to the public

Community Workshop: Narrative Cartography with Liat Mayer *IN PERSON*

Promotional image, with light pale-orange and light grey-blue background, Mayer's photo of left, wearing a black shirt with a yellow button-up, very slight smile, background is an exterior landscape of a field on a cloudy day. Text on the right in bright light-green, dark blue, and brown type reading "Community Workshop, Narrative Cartography, with Liat Mayer"

In-person at Woodland Pattern and in the Riverwest neighborhood

This workshop starts on Tuesday, April 12, and continues for three more Tuesdays: April 26, May 10, & May 24.


Join Liat Mayer in exploring the relationship between self and place, by (literally) drawing out the rhizomatic map connecting yourself to the history of this city and the ecology of this land. Part wayfinding, part creative process, part map-making, part place-making, the group will use various prompts on roaming excursions to inspire collaboration between our inner and outer worlds. How can we call on our experiences of class, rivers, race, sidewalks, memory, gender, street names, or feelings to create maps that tell a story of the world in which we move and inhabit? Inspired by the work of Shmee Giarratana in their Field Notes Workbook for Narrative Cartography ( as well as bell hooks’ Belonging: A Culture of Place and Deleuze and Guatarri’s A Thousand Plateaus, among others, each of the four sessions will include readings, walks, and space to reflect and assemble your own narrative cartography. Feel free to bring your own inspirations to share. A few websites with content to consider: and

Liat Mayer, born in Milwaukee and returned after twenty years living in other places, is a poet, anthropologist, and somatic life coach.


Open to the public. For more details or to join, please contact Programming Director Mike Wendt.


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