Aug 18 2022


7:00 pm


$10 general | $9 members

Concert: Formations Series for New & Improvised Music *HYBRID*

Promotional banner with bright yellow and green background, pink, mustard, light blue, dark red, and lavender text that reads "Formations Series for New & Improvised Music

In person at Woodland Pattern and livestreaming via Crowdcast

Formations is a monthly music series curated by Jay Mollerskov, and dedicated to fostering the growth of new and improvised music in Milwaukee.

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Set 1:

Composer, percussionist, and improvisationalist Mark Mantel will perform at Woodland Pattern on the Formations series on August 18th, 2022. His set will include some recent improvised sound shapes that involve, percussion, electronics, text, and thought. He is celebrating the release of a new Drum set and Percussion CD on Soutrane Records. The performance may include musical views from the Opera 2100 and the Machine Gun Series.

A Milwaukee native, he spent 25 years in Los Angeles, New York, and Michigan. Mantel's music explores the creation and layering of dense musical materials derived from physical models, text-driven and real-time live electronic elements, "found-objects", and theatre and theatrical elements. Significantly, the works of many writers and painters serve as points of departure in much of his music as an attempt to explore artistic processes closely associated with other disciplines. Improvisation, formally, spontaneously, and structurally, plays a substantive role in defining his music.

Set 2:

Wavefiler (a Milwaukee area solo act), uses modular synth hardware, tape recorders, and probabilistic composition methods to create electronic music that is experimental, ambient and sometimes on the verge of being danceable. Thematic devices range from ethereal soundscapes to pensive repetition. Wavefiler has also begun focusing on synthesized sound designs to aid meditation and healing.



Registration is required for in-person event attendance, as is a nominal ticket donation to hold seats. Gallery attendance is limited to 20 audience members. Masks are required. Thank you for helping to keep our staff and community safe. Each attendee must register individually.

To purchase a ticket with your member discount, please call 414-263-5001.


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