Jul 11 2024


7:00 pm


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Screening: Americans Smell Good by Emir Cakaroz *IN PERSON*

In person at Woodland Pattern

Join us for a screening of Americans Smell Good, a new film by Emir Cakaroz! There will be a Q&A with Emir following the screening. 

Americans Smell Good combines the filmmaker’s story in the U.S.A. with people from different social, racial, and ethnic backgrounds that he wouldn’t have met if he hadn’t come to this country. It explores the experience of being in between many cultures when living in a foreign land.

Emir Cakaroz is a Turkish documentary filmmaker who lives in Milwaukee. He received his BA and MA degrees in Cinema and Television at Anadolu University in Turkey. He also holds an MFA degree from the Film Department at UW–Milwaukee. His award-winning films have been screened all around the world, including at the International Golden Orange Film Festival in Turkey and the International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec in Canada. Emir's most recent documentary films are based on observation and direct interaction with his subjects. He believes that documentary films are not just a platform for a filmmaker's observations; they are an arena where the filmmaker and the subjects come together, communicate, and negotiate. Emir teaches film production classes at Lake Forest College, the Film Department of UW–Milwaukee, and Marquette University’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).


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