28th Annual Poetry Marathon & Benefit

Sat. & Sun., JANUARY 29th & 30th, 2022 | 10 am-10 pm CT

Join us virtually for two days of poetry, music, short films, and other performances from 250+ poets and artists from Milwaukee, around the country, and abroad. As always, this year's Poetry Marathon will include people of all ages and feature poets at every stage along a writer's journey—from participants who are sharing their work for the very first time to poets laureate and nationally celebrated authors. Thank you in advance for sharing in this annual tradition in which we honor the many individual voices and creative practices that compose and enrich our vast community.

Attendance is free, but please consider making a ticket donation if you are in a position to do so. (You can also help a poet meet their pledge goal by sponsoring them!) For decades, funds raised through the Poetry Marathon each January have kept Woodland Pattern going strong, fueling our operations and making possible all of our programming for the year ahead. Your donation to the 28th Annual Poetry Marathon will help fund over 350 free programs that support poets and artists in 2022! 


Please be aware that all times listed in our schedule are estimated. Hour segments may run a littler shorter or a little longer than 60 minutes. If there are poets you really don't want to miss, please tune in at least 15 minutes in advance of the hour in which they appear!

Saturday, January 29th

10 am-11 am: YOUTH HOUR —with students and teachers (Virnette Adams, Brooklyn Dixon, Destinny Fletcher, Molly Hassler, Peter Whalen, Mary Gute Witte) from Woodland Pattern's Poetry Camp, Riverwest Elementary, Hopkins Lloyd Community School, Carmen Northwest, & Milwaukee High School of the Arts. Sponsored by Mary Gute Witte & Ned Witte, and Diane Bezella.

11 am-12 pm: COMMUNITY HOUR—Bob Druker & Steve Dawson, Jeanmarie Riquelme, Debra Gillispie, Ed Makowski, Rick Ollman, Jennifer Morales, Ellen Bravo, Sally Kuzma, Margie Tayone Bruce, Peter Blewett, Jenny Benjamin, Angela Sorby, & Barbara Wuest. Sponsored by Louisa Loveridge Gallas.

12 pm -1 pm: SAINT JOHN'S ON THE LAKE (CURATED BY SANDY DUFFY)—Virginia Chappell, Sandy Duffy, Nick Pabst, Pat Busalacchi, Joan McCracken, Kent Mayfield, & Bernice Popelka + MUSIC by Linda Binder, Ian Cullen, & Clay Schaub. Sponsored by Saint John's on the Lake. 

1 pm-2 pm: WEDNESDAY WRITERS—María Elena Scott, Lynn Cohen, Suzanne Rosenblatt, Janine Arseneau, Barbara Leigh, Judit Schugurensky Gomez, Raquel Garcia Lauritzen, Karen Haley, Virginia Small, Diane Bezella, Vince Bushell, & Darlene Wesenberg Rzezotarski. Sponsored by Riverwest Currents.

2 pm-3 pm: WISCONSIN FELLOWSHIP OF POETS (CURATED BY ED WERSTEIN)—Ron Czerwien, Sylvia Cavanaugh, Lisa Vihos, Cathryn Cofell, Mark Zimmerman, Ronnie Hess, Maryann Hurtt, Christina Kubasta, Katy Phillips, & Ed Werstein + MUSIC by The Transatlantic Bridge. Sponsored by Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.

3 pm-4 pm: WISCONSIN POET LAUREATE COMMISSION (CURATED BY ANGELA TRUDELL VASQUEZ)—Vida Cross, Nathan J. Reid, Portia Cobb, Marilyn Taylor, Margaret Rozga, Dasha Kelly Hamilton, Jodi Vander Molen, Esteban Colon, & Angela Trudell Vasquez + MILWAUKEE KITCHEN "Dream Team" by Paul Druecke. Sponsored by Reuter & Associates.

—INTERMISSION (4-4:30 pm)—

4:30 pm-5:15 pm: UWM CREATIVE WRITING PROGRAM (CURATED BY MAURICIO KILWEIN GUEVARA)—Danielle Harms, Canese Jarboe, John Thurgood, Kathryne Gargano, Nora Boxer, Elizabeth Hoover, Philip Parrish, & Angela Voras-Hills. Sponsored by UWM Creative Writing.

5:15 pm-6 pm: LATINX FEATURE (CURATED BY BRENDA CÁRDENAS & ROBERTO HARRISON)—Brenda Cárdenas, Roberto Harrison, Francisco Aragón, Mauricio Kilwein Guevara, Caridad Moro-Gronlier, Urayoán Noel, Óscar Moisés Díaz, Shyanne Bennett Figueroa, Elias Sepulveda, & Darrel Alejandro Holnes. Sponsored by Vince Bushell.

6 pm-6:30 pm: IN-NA-PO (INDIGENOUS NATIONS POETS, CURATED BY KIMBERLY BLAESER)—Jennifer Foerster, Laura Tohe, Gordon Henry Jr, Margaret Noodin, & Kimberly Blaeser + FILM: Aerosol Parasol Jump by Carolyn Lambert. Sponsored by Scott Gelzer & Sherry Goldsmith.

6:30 pm-7 pm: #ALEETLEMOMENT (CURATED BY AE HEE LEE)—Ae Hee Lee, Kelli Russell Agodon, Derrick Austin, Akosua Zimba Afiriyie-Hwedie, & Rachel Mennies + archival clip of Dunya Mikhail reading "My Poem Will Not Save You." Sponsored by Outpost Natural Foods.

7 pm-8 pm: COMMUNITY HOUR—CJ Scruton, Janet Jennerjohn, Stacy Blint, Susan Firer, Paul Druecke, Lauren Russell, Anja Notanja Sieger & John Sieger, Mike Hauser, Chuck Stebelton, Stacy Szymaszek, Kimberly Alidio, Ish Klein, Anna Gurton-Wachter, & Dara Wier + MILWAUKEE KITCHEN "Crowded Soup" by Paul Druecke. Sponsored by Karen Campbell & Kevin Ronnie.


8 pm-8:30 pm: MEEKLING PRESS (CURATED BY ANNE YODER)—Chad Morgan, Jay Besemer, Natasha Mijares, Brad Vogler, & Mairead Case + FILM: A Valley Without Trees by Janelle Vanderkelen. Sponsored by Paula Kiely.

8:30 pm-9 pm: JUBILAT (CURATED BY CARYL PAGEL & EMILY PETTIT)—Carolina Ebeid, Vanessa Jimenez Gabb, Andrea Rexilius, Michelle Taransky, Lynn Xu + FILM: thank you, thank you, thank you by Chester Vincent Toye. Sponsored by Paula Kiely.

9 pm-9:30 pm: FONOGRAF EDITIONS (CURATED BY JEFF ALESSANDRELLI)—Mark Leidner, Charles Valle, Emily Kendal Frey, Brandi Katherine Herrera, & Krystal Languell + FILM: Inheritance: the space between breaths, Recitation #13  by Lois Bielefeld (featuring "Poem Written after September 11, 2001" by Juliana Spahr). Sponsored by Portrait Society Gallery.

9:30 pm-10 pm—THE CANARY (CURATED BY JOSH EDWARDS)—Brandon Shimoda, Sandra Simonds, Dot Devota, Roberto Tejada, & Imani Elizabeth Jackson + FILM: Life, Like Water, Flows to Greater Bodies by Takahiro Suzuki. Sponsored by Portrait Society Gallery.


Sunday, January 30th

10 am-11 am: READSHOP (READING THE MIDNIGHT BY SUSAN HOWE)—Karl Gartung, Tinker Greene, Maureen Magee, Tonen O’Conner, Jenny Penberthy, Chuck Stebelton, & Michael Wendt. Sponsored by Ed & Brooke Krishok.

11 am-12 pm: RACINE/KENOSHA POETS (CURATED BY STEPHEN KALMAR)—Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes, Rachel Elizabeth Wiedower, Joe Engel, Debra Hall, Jean Preston, Nick Ramsey, Alex Reilly, & Stephen Kalmar II + MUSIC by Kari Lueneberg & Paul McComas w/ Fake Blind Date. Sponsored by WE Energies Foundation.

12 pm -1 pm: COMMUNITY HOUR—Kathie Giorgio, Elisabeth Harrahy, Cristina Norcross, Carrie Schonhoff, Gaetano Marangelli, Greg Flegel, Amanda Luciano, Anne Koller, AK Cola, Kathrine Yets, Arika Kaosa, Jessica Harvey, Stephen Anderson, Julie Kramer, Zoe Ranson, & Shira Dentz. Sponsored by AllWriters' Workplace and Workshop.

1 pm-2 pm: UNTOLD STORIES (CURATED BY AUSTIN REECE)—Donna Jenson, Laurel Blackstone, Jean Suarez Del Real, Deborah Estrada-Carson, Sooz Jeson, Hannah Lenzo, Liz Luckett, Paula Vestin, Ashley Nicole Williams & Pita + MILWAUKEE KITCHEN "Free Lunch" by Paul Druecke & MUSIC by The Transatlantic Bridge. Sponsored by Lotus Legal Clinic.

2 pm-3 pm: COMMUNITY HOUR—Deborah Meadows, Paula Goldman, Shauna Singh Baldwin, John Walsh, Marjorie Pagel, Gabriel Gudding, Dana Alexander Kaleta, Heather McShane, Tinker Greene, Peter Goldberg, Jean Tobin, & Mike Michaels. Sponsored by Peter Goldberg.

3 pm-4 pm: WRITE ON! DOOR COUNTY (CURATED BY JEROD SANTEK & NANCY RAFAL)—Lauren Ward, Nancy Rafal, Estella Lauter, Thomas Davis, Karen Wilson, Annette Langlois Grunseth, Mike Orlock, Amy Phimister, Alessandra Rolffs, & Ethel Mortenson Davis + MUSIC by The Transatlantic Bridge Sponsored by Door County Poets Collective.

—INTERMISSION (4-4:30 pm)—

4:30 pm-5 pm: DRY HOOTCH WARRIOR POETS (CURATED BY BOB HANSON)—Bob Hanson, Douglas Armstrong, Jim Conway, James Hackbarth, & Roger Quindell + POETRY FILM: Swerve by Paolo Javier & Lynn Sachs. Sponsored by Louisa Loveridge Gallas.


5:00 pm-5:15 pm: MOODY THE ZINE (CURATED BY MELISSA MURSCH-RODRIGUEZ)—Z Moralez, Antonio Vargas-Nieto, Nick Naudi, & Sea Jay John + FILM: Solastalgic Soliloquy by Ayla Dmyterko. Sponsored by Colectivo Coffee.

5:15 pm-6 pm: GENRE: URBAN ARTS (CURATED BY NAKEYSHA ROBERTS WASHINGTON)—Fatima Laster, Aysheh Manaei, Lyn Patterson, Shaunteri Skinner, Justin Johnson, Gwendalynn Roebke, Samihah Pargas, & Nakeysha Roberts Washington + FILM: Clouds Clouds [...] We Knew Nothing by Annemarie Cilon. Sponsored by Colectivo Coffee.

6 pm-6:30 pm: PITYMILK PRESS (CURATED BY CHELSEA TADEYESKE & EDIE ROBERTS)—JC Holburn, Kamal Kimball, Jessie Knoles, Elyse Johnson, & edie roberts + FILM: Wear & Tear by Jason Robinson. Sponsored by Mobile Car Care.

6:30 pm-7 pm: VEGETARIAN ALCOHOLIC PRESS (CURATED BY FREDDY LAFORCE)—Tiffany Babb, Samantha Fain, Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, & Adedayo Agaru + FILM: Voyage Pathologique by Lisa Marie Schmitt. Sponsored by Mobile Car Care.

7 pm-8 pm: COMMUNITY HOUR (CURATED BY MIKEY SWANBERG)—Lila Quinn, Ciona Rouse, Clayton Spencer, Ashley Keyser, Danni Quintos, Meg Wade, Robin Rahija, Franklin K. R. Cline, Michael Swanberg, & Mikey Swanberg + MUSIC by The Transatlantic Bridge. Sponsored by Mikey Swanberg.

8 pm-8:15 pm: MILWAUKEE KITCHEN EPISODE 15 PREMIERE: "HEAT"—featuring Flora Coker, Kerensa DeMars, Marcie Hoffman, Ariana Vaeth, Howard Leu, & Chelsea Wait and produced by Paul Druecke. Sponsored by City Point Press.

8:15-9 pm: COMMUNITY HOUR—Sue Blaustein, Peter Burzynski, Steve Timm, Zach Pieper, David Wilk, Bryon Cherry, Karl Gartung, Jackie Lalley, & Anne Kingsbury + MUSIC by Kati Katchever. Sponsored by City Point Press.

SPONSOR A POET: Click on the link below or give us a call to sponsor a reader. You can make your donation on the behalf of a particular poet, or if you’re unsure who to sponsor, consider a “Pledge a Reader” donation. Money received through these donations will go directly to a poet who is unable to meet the $40 pledge goal. This is a great way to support Woodland Pattern and a poet—win-win!


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